Top 10 Sexiest Korean Female Stars 2019

K-pop female stars never fail to make the audiences go craze and hang their mouth open once they got to see those stars standing on the red carpet. Moreover, they look so good that people could not keep their eyes out of those stars. With the unique beauty and sexy aura that all the female stars got, they always got the fans go wowed every time they appear in any MV or the TV show. In fact, there several Korean female stars who are recently in the limelight and they are considered as the sexiest Korean female stars for the fact that they got the gorgeous face as well as the great personality that make them sexier in their own way.

#1.Lee Sung Kyung – Sexiest Korean Female

Started her career in Korean entertainment industry as a model in YG, Lee Sungkyung has recently become the biggest star in Korean Entertainment industry. This lady is considered as a beautiful and charming lady for her gorgeous appearance. You might fall in love with her just by starring at her lovely brown eyes. Lee Sungkyung is admired for her beauty as well as her talented acting skills that she is able to switch from a mean cast to a funny one real quick.

#2.Jessica Jung – Sexiest Korean Female

Former member of SNSD, one biggest girl group of South Korean, Jung Sooyeon also known as Jessica is an ice princess of the Korean industry. She is admired for her gorgeous appearance especially her cool aura that everyone will surely find it very charming and attractive. Jessica is now running her own fashion-line; however, she will never give up on her musical career. She is now also a solo singer, her first solo song is fly which was the big hit that everyone was looking forward for.

#3.Krystal Jung – Sexiest Korean Female

Krystal Jung also known as Soojung Jung, she is the only little sister of Jessica Jung, now wonder why they both got the cool and ice princess aura around them. Krystal is one of F(x) band, which is one legendary and well-known girl band under SM entertainment. Krystal is loved by fans for her serious that her members would not want to mess with her. At the same time, the aura that she got makes her very attractive and sexy in some ways that no one could pull that better than her.

#4.Kim Seolhyun – Sexiest Korean Female

Being one adorable and at the same time sexy member of a girl group named AOA, Seolhyun is known for her unique and beautiful face as well as her goddess body that every girl always wanted to have. Soelhyun is one famous among the members in her team. She got casted for many advertising project that she works for many popular product advertisement. On top of that, Seolhyun is considered as a talented fresh debuted artist. She first appeared in the k-drama called Ugly Alert as a leading role.

#5.Park Sandara – Sexiest Korean Female

Sandara Park is one sexiest member of one legendary girl group 2NE1. Though she is in her 30s, Sandara still got the great beauty and the most amazing abs ever that could be the heart-throb for everyone. She is admiring for her great talent and the fact that she could talk in many languages. Moreover, Sandara is admiring for her great beauty, and people would say from one to one that she is such a vampire, she never grows older. Besides working as a success singer, she is also one well-known actress, and she used to appear in several the Philippine TV show when she was a star based in the Philippine.

#6.Tiffany Hwang – Sexiest Korean Female

Tiffany Hwang is an American-Korean member of SNSD, one biggest and successful girl group in South Korea. This lady got the most charming eye-smile that you could not find in anyone else. She could appear as an adorable girl and suddenly turn into a sexy young lady within second. Tiffany is known for great and unique voice that on one got it besides her. She is loved by the fans for the fact that she is very cheerful and also funny.

#7.Hyuna Kim – Sexiest Korean Female

If we talk about the sexy female star in South Korea, we should not miss out this amazing and young lady right here. Hyuna is known for her best rapping style as well as the star that could pull out a great and sexy performance that is admired by the audience. She was original a member of a girl band called 4 minute; however, the group got disbanded later on. This young lady appeared in MV trouble maker, and also in the most famous MV Gangnam style.

#8.Ga In – Sexiest Korean Female

Ga In is one well-known singer who was a member of one girl band called Brown eye girls. She is a great singer that got the sexy vibe and at the same time she could pull out the joke that entertains everyone in the hall. She is known for her appearances alongside Jo Kwon from 2AM for TV shows We Got Married and All My Love. She is the sexy queen that produces great music that you should really check them all out.

#9.Bae Joo Hyun – Sexiest Korean Female

Debuted under SM entertain Label, Joohyun also known as Irene is known for her attractive beautiful face as well as her great personality. She is a member of one rising girl group called Red Velvet. Beside her singing career, Irene is also appears as a television host and an actress. Her beautiful brown eyes, fair skin and charming smile, she never fails to wowed fans by her great beauty as well as her soft voice. You might hear talking from mouth to mouth saying how sexy and charming she is. In fact, she got the best visual that makes her a center of the limelight.

#10.Tyuzu – Sexiest Korean Female

If you ever watched Twice music videos or any kind or shows they appear, the young lady who look so good, yet a bit weird, that is Tyuzu. She is considered as a sexy female star that fans would go crazy just by seeing her smile. Tyuzu is the youngest member of a popular girl group called Twice which was debuted under YG entertainment. She is originally from Taiwan. This young lady here got the most beautiful visual face that people could not keep the eyes away from her.