Top 10 Most Popular Korean Actresses

K-drama has been so popular that even recently some super hit K-dramas have been viewed from people over the world. For all the years, k-drama has gained its fame and popularity by its amazing storyline as well as the big contribution from many talented actors and actresses. If you are a fan of K-drama, I bet you have some bias list in your mind of who should be the number actress. Moreover, for those who have seen K-dramas so far, they might be able to recognize these 10 beautiful ladies listed here. In this article, lets rank the most popular Korean actress altogether, and let see whether some of them are those who have been on your mind.

#1.Song HyeKyo

If you have seen one super hit K-drama called The Descendent of the Son, you would surely know the female lead of the drama. Song Hyekyo can be considered as one the most popular Korean actresses. So far, in her acting career, she appeared in many popular k-dramas. She also appeared in a drama called “Full-house” as a female lead while Rain as a male lead. The drama was also a big hit for the storyline, the amazing acting-skills of the casts and also because of the chemistry between her and Rain in that drama. Recently, she appeared in another super hit drama called The Descendent of the Son, and this drama was a really big hit that people around the world have been talking about it.

#2.Jun Jihyun

Born on 30 October, 1981, Jun Jihyun is a very well-known Korean actress whose fame has been rising because of her amazing and interesting acting skill. Back in2001, she appeared in one girl romance comedy called the sassy girl, and by acting in this drama, she has gained her fame, and she has become one popular actress in K-drama industry. So far, she has appeared in several k-dramas, and she made another great success again between 2013 and 2014; she played a bossy idol role in a super-hit drama, called “My love from the star”. In the beginning of 2019, she was casted as a lead role along with Lee Minho in one drama “The legend of the Blue sea”, which was also a hot topic.

#3.Kim Tee Hee

Not just a very well-known actress in K-drama industry, Kim Tee Hee is considered as one the most beautiful actress in the industry. She is like a beauty queen in K-drama industry that everyone would admire her beauty. Kim Tee Hee appeared in several drama such as stairway to heaven, love story in Harvard, Iris, My prince and Yong-pal; she is very well-known by casting in those dramas. The Drama, Yong-pal was concluded with 22% rated that this made her the best Actress. For personal life, Kim Tee Hee dated one famous singer as well as actor, Rain for years and they just got married recently.

#4.Hwang Jung Eum

Debut as a lead vocalist of a girl group, Hwang Jung Eum later on picked up another skills-acting, and debut as an actress in 2007. She was ranked 18th on Forbes Korea’s Top 40 Celebrities in 2011, ranked 7th on the list of richest K-pop idols on Mnet’s Idol Chart Show, and among the Top 7 Female Commercial Stars in Korea as compiled by Ilgan Sports. She has gained her fame by appearing in one popular daily sitcom High kick through the roof. In the sitcom, she appeared as a college student who is confident, yet sometimes clumsy. She appeared in a TV show we got married along with a real-life boyfriend. They are the very first real-life couple that appeared on the show.

#5.Ha Jiwon

Ha jiwon is one greatest and most popular actress in Korean film industry. She is best known for her role in several amazing historical dramas. Later on, she appeared in several hit dramas including secret garden which was one a hot topic back then in 2010. She is a great and skillful actress who can pull off the acting in various genres such as comedy, sport, action, drama. With all her great achievements, she has won many awards for the best actress.

#6.Shin Min Ah

Shin Min ah is a popular Korean model and actress who is a successful actress in Korean film industry. In her recent drama the Venus, she caught audiences’ heart with her talented acting skills playing as a jolly character which is completely different from her previous drama in which she appeared as a very sexy lawyer. Moreover, for her modeling career, she first appeared as a model for Teen Magazine in 1998 that later on she became one of the most in-demand and highest paid commercial endorsers in South Korea.

#7.Lee SungKyung

A model from YG entertainment, Lee SungKyung debut her first acting her career by appearing in a romantic and comedy K-drama called it’s okay, it’s love. Her fame has risen after she appeared a different drama called Cheese in the trap. She switches her acting real quick from a sweet girl to a mean one, and she has done it very well. Later on, she also played as a second-lead role in one hot drama “Doctor” along with a beautiful actress Park Shinhye. Recently, she appeared in a drama called Weightlifting fairy, Kim Bokjoo as a lead role along with a boyfriend Nam Joohyuk. Some rumors said they fell in love on the set while some said that they have been dating since December.

#8.Kim Ji Won

Actress Kim JiWon started her career in K-pop industry since her young age by first appearing in a commercial. She made her first acting debut by appearing in a drama called Mrs Saigon. She also casted in a daily sitcom High kick 3 along with a little ice-princess Krystal Jung. Jiwon has gained great popularity by appeared in dramas such as “To the beautiful you”, “The heir”, and the last one “The Descendent of the Sun” which was a super-hot topic in and outside Korea. By appearing in this drama, this actress’s profile has been rising and her fame spreads outside Korea.

#9.Park Shin Hye

One among the most beautiful actresses in South Korean, Park Shin hye is a well-known actress who debut as an actress since a young age by appearing in a drama called Stairway to heaven. Later on, she also got offered many coming drama projects including the Heir that she was a female lead role while Lee Minho was a male lead role. That drama is one among her great success drama projects. Recently, she appeared in a drama series by SBS called Doctor. She was admired and received many loves from viewers for her lively acting skill. In the drama, she played as a girl who was a bit a playgirl and living a tough life that later on she got to become a daughter as her beloved grandmother wanted her to be. This drama was another big success in Park Shin Hye acting career.

#10.Park Go Eun

Park Go Eun made her first acting career debut as she was casted to play in a movie called The muse in which won her several best new actress awards in South Korea. She continued appear in more well-known thriller movies including Monster, Coin Locker Girl, and Memories of the sword. Later on, she made her debut in drama industry as she got to play as a lead role in a drama called Cheese in the trap. She was admired and praised by audiences for the fact that she could switch to play different roles.