Top 10 Most Popular Korean Actors

Beside the beautiful and talented actress who make K-drama industry raised its fame, there are many handsome actors who play an important role in making a big success in Korean film industry. There are many actors who played in many dramas and films that have caught audiences’ hearts as well as receiving the compliment from them. In this article, we will talk about the 10 most popular Korean actors who have made many great achievements in Korean entertainment industry.

#1.Lee Minho

A young and handsome Korean actor who has been stolen many fan-girls’ hearts since he first appeared in one well-known K-drama “Boy Over Flower”. His fame kept on arisen time by time as he appeared in many popular K-drama such as City Hunter, The Heir, and so on. Most of the dramas he appeared, he was always casted as a lead role. Recently, he appeared in another super hit drama called The legend of The Blue sea along with one well-known actress Jun Jihyun. Throughout his acting career, Minho has won several awards including the best actor award. He is also one among those famous Korean stars who got to appear in many commercials.

#2.Song Seung Hun

He is one of the most successful and popular Korean stars. He started his career in Korean entertainment industry by started as a model for Jean Storm. Later on, he made his first acting debut in one big success K-drama called autumn in my heart that this drama got a rating success that this lead him to became a Hallyu star. Since then, he got offered for working on many commercial film as well as drama projects in Japan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries.


Taecyeon is a well-known singer debut in one legendary band called 2Pm, and he made a big success for his singing career, later he made his first debut in his acting career by appearing in drama called Cinderella’s sisters in 2010. After his first acting, he later got to casted to play in several success drama including dream high, who are you, and so on. Recently, he was casted as a lead role in one horror, romance and also comedy K-drama called let’s fight ghost.

#4.Kim Woobin

A charming and hot man, Kim woobin stays in rank number 4 in this list. He is a well-known k-drama actor who has been praised and admire for his amazing look as well as talent in ascting. Woobin started his career as a model at first, and later on he was casted to play as a supporting role in a drama. After this, he got a big luck by appearing in several super hit k-drama including “The heir”, and “School 2013”. He also appeared in several films, and this talented man has won Best new actor award in Baeksang Arts Award. He recently was casted as a lead role in one hit K-drama called uncontrollably fond, along with Bae Suzy.

#5.Nam Joohyk

A tall handsome young man, Nam Joohyuk started his career as a model under YG entertainment at first, though his dream at young age was becoming a basketball player. He is one well-known model who got offered for many commercial projects. He later on made his first acting debut by playing in drama called the idle mermaid as a supporting role. He also appeared in some hit drama including school 2015, cheese in the trap, and he recently just finished his drama project which he played as a lead role in a romance drama called weightlifting fairy, Kim Bokjoo; it was a hot topic, and people admire him a lot for his acting skills. The chemistry between him and the female leading cast Lee Sungkyung has become a hot topic since then that everyone started shipping both of them.

#6.Kim JaeWook

Actor Kim JaeWook spent his childhood growing up in Japan, and later on debut in a band for MBC drama Ruler of the world. He gained his popularity by appearing in one famous drama series called coffee prince in which he was asked to speak both Korean and Japanese during the drama. By appearing in this drama, his fame raised and he became well-known in South Korea as well as other Asian Countries. He was last seen in a drama called sweet temptation. Besides acting, he also co-authored the book called top model.

#7.Lee Byung Hun

Through his acting career for years, this handsome man has made many great achievements and showed the great performances in his acting works. He appeared in many k-dramas which made his one well-known Korean actor. He also played in several films and one of those was listed as the highest-grossing films in South Korea. Later on, he made his first Hollywood debut. He is the first Korean star that got to present an Oscar at the annual Academy Award in Los Angeles.

#8.Lee JoonGi

Lee JoonGi is a famous model as well as actor in South Korea. He made his first acting debut by playing in a historical film called the king and the crown which brought him his great popularity. This film achieved both critical and commercial success, propelled the then-unknown actor into Asia-wide stardom. Later on, he also appeared in several k-dramas and the last one that he got casted as a lead role along with a famous solo singer IU in a drama called Moon lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. He is a multi-talented actor who is referred to as the flower boy.

#9.Gong Yoo

If you ever seen Train to Busan, I bet you know exactly who this man is. Gong Yoo is a popular and successful actor of South Korea. He gained his popularity by playing in a drama series Coffee prince, and later on was casted in several k-dramas. He also appeared in several films and the last one “Train to Busan”, he brought audiences to tear for the sweet and touching moment scene in that film. This film has been played in many theatres around the world, and it was also a super hit one.

#10.Jo In Sung

Jo In Sung made his first debut in Korean entertainment industry as a model for clothing brand ZioZia in which brought his to the limelight. He was casted to play in several k-dramas, and he gained his popularity by appearing in k-dramas including what happened in Bali, that winter, the wind blows, it’s okay, it’s love. He also played in several hit films such as the classic, a dirty carnival, a frozen flower and the king. Jo enlisted for his two-year mandatory military service; he reportedly wanted to join the Air Force to follow in the footsteps of his father, who served as a non-commissioned officer