Top 10 Most Handsome Indian TV Serial Actors

In majority of Indian films or dramas, you will see most guys with sharp nose, well-built body and the manly handsome face. They never fail to make the ladies’ hearts beat faster whenever they appear on the screen. Besides, they are also amazing actors who have great talent and gifted in acting that they always manage the audiences to be at joy or at the tear with them as well. In this list, we will bring up several the most handsome Indian TV serial actors as well as the most successful actors in Indian Films industry.

#1.Prithviraj Sukumaran

With his great charisma, and his handsome face as well as the mazing acting skill, Prithviraj becomes one among those most handsome Indian TV serial actors. He first made his acting debut in 2002 in one romantic drama, and many other films that have put his in the middle of the limelight. He is well-known for his works in Malayalam cinema. For his acting career throughout years, he starred in over 90 films. Moreover, he also produced the film under his production company called August cinema. In addition to acting, he is a producer, and also a playback singer.


Starred in more than 150 films, Chiranjeevi is one the most well-known and most experienced Indian TV Serial actor who has gained his popularity since 1978 when he first appeared in a film called Punadhirallu. Later on, he made his debut in box-office for his amazing break dancing skill. He even appeared in a film that was dubbed in Russian and was screened at Moscow international film festival. He has also won several awards for his talented acting as well as his achievements in Indian Film industry. Besides, he was the Minister of State with independent charge for the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.


Best-known for the works in Telugu cinema, Prabhas, is one famous Indian Tv serial who made his first acting debut back in 2002 by appearing in a drama film called Eshwar. Besides, he also appeared in several hit films including Varsham, Chatrapathi, Chakram, Billa, Mr.perfect, and Mirchi that he actually won the state Nandi Award for Best Actor. Moreover, he also played in Bollywood film directed by Prabhudeva. Following the big success film project, he once again got casted to work in a film “the beginning” which is the 3rd highest-grossing Indian film to date.

#4.Siddharth Suryanarayan

Described as one among a few actors who could achieve pan-Indian appeal, siddharth Suryanarayan stole the place in 4th rank in this list. He is a well-known Indian Tv serial actor for amazing acting skills, and also he has a very manly look. He appeared in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Malayalam language films. After completing his business management studies, he later on started to work in a film making area before he made his first acting debut. Because of a great success in his first film, he later on got casted to play in one hit film. Beside his acting career, he is also a screenplay writer, producer and playback singer.

#5.Surya Sivakumar

Look like Surya is the one who is going to claim this 5th rank in this list. Surya is a talented and full of charisma man who never fails to bring the audiences joy or tear when they are watching his acting. He is best-known for his works in Tamil Cinema. He made his first acting debut in a film called Nerukku Ner, and it was a big and successful start for him. Later on, he has his first commercial success thriller called Kaakha Kaakha. In his acting career, he has won several awards for his best performance as well as for his amazing acting works.


Madhavan is also one among a few actors who have been described as actor who is able to achieve pan-Indian appeal. He is a handsome and amazing young man who is born with the acting skills. He first made his first appearance on the TV by showing up as a TV show guest. He, later, got to show up in several commercials and in small roles. He gained his recognition by playing in the Tamil film industry’s successful romance film Alaipayuthey. Top of that, he even got to appear in 2 films which were 2001’s highest grossing Tamil films. In addition to his acting, he is also a great writer and film producer.

#7.Ram Charan Teja

If you have been a big fan of Indian Tv serial, you might have noticed this handsome man. Ram Charan is considered as one among those handsome actors of Indian Tv serial. He is also a successful actor who works in Tegulu Cinema. He won several amazing awards including two Nandi Awards, two South Filfare awards, two CineMAA Awards, and two Santosham Best Actor Awards. Because of the fame and popularity, he has become one among the highest paid actors in Tolly. Besides, he is also a successful entrepreneur. He established his production house called Konidela Production Company, and also owns the polo team Ram Charan Hyderabad Polo Riding Club.

#8.Nagarjuna Akkineni

Nagarjuna is known as a successful handsome Indian TV serial who works in Telugu cinema and television. For his amazing acting skills, he played as a lead role in over 90 films. Besides, he is also known for his biographical films. He has received nine state Nandi Awards, three Filmfare Awards South and a National Film Award-Special Mention, and even the film that he produced also got him an award for National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu. In addition to the acting career, he is also a producer and television presenter.

#9.Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun is one among the other successful actors who work in Tegulu Cinema. He is best-known for his splendid acting performance and talents acting that he could switch the character very well. He made his first acting debut at a very young age playing as a child actor, and later on made his adult acting by playing in Gangotri. He got very success and got his breakthrough by playing in a comedy called Arya; for his film he won his first Filmfare Best Telugu Actor Award nomination and he won a Special Jury award at the Nandi Awards ceremony, two CineMAA Awards for Best Actor and Best Actor Jury. He later on was casted to play in several hit films. This young is one of the top actors in Tegulu.

#10.Mahesh Babu

Mahesh is a very successful and well-known Indian TV serial actor. He got his recognition by casted in many movies. His charisma and amazing acting skills make the public admire him a lot. Besides an actor, he is also a producer, media personality, and philanthropist. He became famous through his work in Telugu cinema. Mahesh Babu is a son of an actor Khrishna. At young age, he made his appearances in several movies as a child artist. Later on in 19999, he debut as a lead role, and he received an award for Best male debut. After that, he got casted in a supernatural drama and later in an action, and he received his breakthrough at that time. Following that he got nation recognition and went on to act in many commercial success films.