Top 10 Best KPop Girl Bands You should know

K-pop is known as one well-known music genre base in South Korea. This music industry has gained much recognition all over the world for the unique music concept along with the creative dance move which never fails fans’ expectation. For all these years, there have been many K-pop boy bands as well as girl bands debuted and started their career. All the artists have been training so hard for year to finally got to debut and living their dream. In this article, we will discuss the 10 best and must know K-pop girl bands which are powerful and worldwide recognized.


2ne1 was one powerful and famous South Korea’s girl band which was formed by YG Entertainment in 2009. The band consists of 4 members Cl, Dara, Park Bom, and Minzy. The girl made their first appear in along with Big Bang in a single “Lollipop” for a commercial campaign. Later on, 2ne1 made a debut with their first single “Fire” that has brought a quick recognition and fame to them. 2ne1’s music is somehow different from the other K-pop bands, along with their creative fashion sense, 2ne1 has rose to the top real quick. In 2012, The New York Times named 2NE1’s performance at the Prudential Center in New Jersey as one of the “Best Concerts of 2012”. In October 2012, Zack Greenburg of Forbes magazine noted that 2NE1 has sold 27 million digital downloads.

#2.Girl Generation

Girl Generation also known as SNSD is another must-know K-pop girl band. The band was formed by SM Entertainment in 2007. They consisted 9 members Taeyeon, Yoona, Yuri, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun; however, later in 2014 Jessica departed the band. In 2009, the band gained great amount of fame because of their newly release single “Gee” which top the KBS’s Music Bank chartfor a record-breaking nine consecutive weeks and was named the most popular song of the 2000s in South Korea by Melon. Over the years, SNSD has gained great popularity making them one well-known and powerful girl band in K-pop industry.

#3.Wonder Girl

Wonder girl is one famous South Korea’s girl band for their catchy style of music as well as the unique style. The band was formed by YG Entertainment, and made their debut in 2009. This team was co-managed in the USA by Creative Artist Agency. In 2009, the band made a great entry the USA’s market by performing an opening act for the Jonas Brothers’ world tour. They performed the English version of their hit song “Nobody”. In late 2009, “Nobody” charted at number seventy-six on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making the Wonder Girls the first South Korean group to enter the chart. Moreover, Wonder girl has also made a great start in international market such as China and Japan.


If you love the kind of eletro-pop music style, you should really check F(x) out. F(x) is a South Korea’s girl band formed by SM entertainment, and debuted in 2009. The band consisted of 5 members, but later a member- Sulli departed the band. Talking about their fame, F(x) is one among a few Kpop bands which got recognized internationally which is why the band got to perform at SXSW. With their experimental style and eclectic, electronic-base sound, F(x) has become one famous girl band in K-pop industry.

#5.4 minute

4 Minute was one well-known K-pop girl band which was formed by Cube Entertainment in 2009. They made a great start by releasing their first single “Hot issue”. Later on, in 2010 the album got released in Japanese and their fame kept on rising. This band was loved by many K-pop fans by their talent, beauty, as well as they music style. The group received the Bonsang Award at the 20th Seoul Music Awards, and the K-pop New Artist Award at the 2010 Billboard Japan Music Awards. Sadly, after several year of success, 4 minute eventually got disbanded in 2016 after unsuccessful contract renewal negotiation with the majority of the members.

#6.After School

AfterSchool was a K-pop girl group formed by Pledis Entertainment, and they made their first debut in 2009 with a single “AH”. They group was not only known by their unique style, they were also known by their incomparable live stage performances. The group made their first Japanese debut in 2011, and it was big success for them. The band also came up with the unique style of performance; they pulled out an amazing dancing style including tap dance, drum dance, and even the cane dance on various TV broadcast.

#7.Brown Eyed Girls

The band became well-known for their defying and redefining most conventions that create modern K-pop groups. The members of this band created their own accord, they actually found each other through friends, helped each other and respect each other talent rather than through the music agency. In 2006, the band debut their first single with a music video in which they did not show their face on the media hoping that to let their vocals and R&B-inspired ballads speak for themselves. While the ploy didn’t lead to huge chart success, the girls came around to embracing their sexuality with a brashness never seen before, most notably with 2009’s “Abracadabra”.


Sistar is known as today’s digital-selling monsters in Kore, the band was formed by Starship Entertainment and made their first debut in 2011 with the single “So coo”. Later on in 2013, the group released their second album. Their biggest hits including “So cool”, “Alone”, “Touch my body”, “Loving you” and “Give it to me”. Since the K-Pop Hot 100 introduction in late 2011, SISTAR has the most No. 1s of any group (four), while two members have multiple solo No. 1s (leader Hyorin has three, singer Soyou has two). Later, 2 members work on the project sistar19 consisting Hyorin and bora; they also made their biggest hit in 2013 with the amazing songs.


Formed by MBK Entertainment in 2009, T-ara is also one famous and well-known K-pop girl band that you should really check them out. This band consists of 6 members Boram, Qri, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Soyeon and Hyomin. T-ara made a big start of their career with the debut studio album Absolute First Album was released in December 2009 and spawned several hit songs including “TTL (Time to Love)”, “Bo Peep Bo Peep”, and “You Drive Me Crazy”. After released “Roly-Poly” T-ara gained national recognition, and the song went on the top of the Gaon Music Chart.


AOA also known as Ace of Angels was formed FNC entertainment in 2012. This band consists of seven gorgeous members: Choa, Jimin, Yuna, Chanmi, Hyejeong, Seolhyun, and Mina. At the very first start of their career, the band was revealed to be a dance group, while some members played the music instruments. However, the concept was change to a kind of sexy concept. Their first mini album “Short Hair” ranked No. 1 on different charts and also topped the M!Countdown chart in July 2014. It also ranked eighth on Billboard’s “Most Viewed K-pop Videos Around the World” for June 2014.