Top 10 Best Korean Dramas That You Should Watch

Korean drama has become a popular series that is loved by people all over the world especially in Asia. Majority of the viewers admired the dramas because of the amazing and interesting storyline which could bring them different feelings as well as taking them to the other places. Some of the dramas were based on the famous Webtoon which is very famous among the adults. Besides, k-dramas have become the big hit because of the talented acting skills of the casts as well. The casts in every drama never fail to make the viewer laugh or cry according to the storyline. If you are feeling bored and want some dramas to start your drama marathon, these ten dramas mentioned below are the best choice for you to look forward for.

#1.Descendants of the sun – Korean Drama

The Descendant of the Sun is one the biggest k-drama by KBS world in 2016. This drama was a major hit not only in South Korea, but also all over Asia as well as some countries in the Europe. The storyline of this drama is about the love for the nation as well as the funny romantic love between the soldiers and the nurses who were on the volunteer project oversea. If you would like to find out the love story that has been happening and how they have been fighting for the country, this drama makes the best choice for you to check it out.

#2.Doctor – Korean Drama

Starring by many well-known artists including Park shinhye, Lee Sungkyung and more, this k-drama has become one hit drama released in the late of 2016. It is the best k-drama that features the storyline which you would not want to stop watching when you got to view the first epos. It is about the high school girl who was a bit a playgirl, and later on fell in love with her own class teacher. Several years later, they met again and they both worked as a doctor for the same hospital. It is the best drama for those who love to see the romantic and cute moment of the doctor couples.

#3.Uncontrollably Fond – Korean Drama

This story is about the people who are striving for their career and love as well as their life. Uncontrollably Fond is a k drama which got the best rated view for its great and heart broking storyline that will leave you in tear once you are watching this drama series. Starring by Suzy and Kim Woobin, Uncontrollably Fond is one among those major hit dramas produced by KBS world. This drama is also the well-viewed drama all over Asia. The great storyline along with the amazing acting skills of the actors in this drama, you will surely love it.

#4.W: 2 worlds – Korean Drama

If this drama is not one of the most amazing drama with the cliffhanger storyline than I do not know what else is. Produced my MBC, W is one the best k drama that got many viewed, and this drama got all the viewer feeling very frustrated for not be able to predict what could happen next in the drama. If you are interested in a mysterious storyline and the interaction between the casts in the Webtoon world and the real world, this drama is the best choice for you. Starred by many amazing casts such as Lee Jongsuk, Han Hyo-joo and more, this drama will amazed you.

#5.Scarlet Heart: Ryeo – Korean Drama

This drama will bring you back to the ancient time and you will truly fall in love with the storyline that is very interesting and very amazing to watch. The whole drama will take you back to the ancient time, and how people fought for their kingdom and especially how the royal family went against each other just to take control over the kingdom. Moreover, it is also about the princes of the royal family fell in love with just one servant who was originally from the present time through an abnormal event. It is the best drama for those who are into historical storyline and romance as well.

#6.Let’s fight ghost – Korean Drama

Remade from the Webtoon, let’s fight ghost is one among those the should-view dramas. This drama got the interesting and the best storyline that you should not miss out. It is the best drama for those who love to see something new since the storyline is about the boy that could see ghost and he eventually falls in love with the ghost that he spends the time with all day long. You will get to see the different things happening in every part of the drama, and most importantly the relationship between the human and spirit. If you want to find out how they will end up to, you should not miss this drama.

#7.Weightlifting fairy, Kim Bokjoo – Korean Drama

Want something to make you laugh really hard after a long day of tiring schedule, this comedy and romance genre drama is the best for you to escape the real world for some hours. It is all about the university students majoring sport that they fall in love with each other unexpectedly. Moreover, it got many adorable romantic moment between Nam Joohyuk and Lee Sungkyung throughout the whole drama. It is the best drama from those who love the kind of movie which contains romance, and comedy.

#8.The legend of the blue sea – Korean Drama

Imagining how hard it is for the mermaid who does not understand human-world, and suddenly transformed into human plus she got stuck with a completely stranger in a strange place which is the planet earth. This is how the storyline how this drama going on. Inspired by a classic Joseon legend from Korea’s first collection of unofficial historical tales, about a fisherman who capture and kidnapped a mermaid, this drama tells the love story of a con-artist and a mermaid who travels across the ocean to find him. It is the most viewed drama which was casted by Lee Minho and the goddess of Korean star, Jun Ji-hyun.

#9.Cinderella and four knight – Korean Drama

This drama might draw a bit of parallel to the one famous drama Boys over flower which was a big hit back in 2009. The Cinderella and four knights is the drama based on the popular novel which was published in 2011. It is about youth and their romance. The storyline is about a group of young people in their 20s who live together happily. If you want to find out the adorable relationship between those handsome young men and a beautiful lady, this drama might be a god choice for you.

#10.Cheese in the trap – Korean Drama

Aired on TVN, cheese in the trap is a drama series which based on the Webtoon story called the same name. This drama was casted by many well-known casts that will make you enjoy the whole drama from the beginning of the story till the end. The drama focuses on the life and relationships of a group of university students, particularly the difficult relationship between Hong Seol starred by Kim Go-eun and her senior Yoo Jung starred by Park Hee-jin. Cheese in the Trap was a success in both South Korea and China, and it won praise for its realistic depiction of the life of university students.