Top 10 Best Action 4K Camera Reviews

In general, you all know what action camera is. The action camera is a kind of mini camera you use outdoor and sport activities, especially underwater. However, the new invented technology has produced higher level model of action camera which is called action 4k camera. Several benefits of using the brand new camera are widely known. The 4K means horizontal resolution in 3840 pixels and vertical in 2160 pixels so there are more details provided. In short, it gives clearer and sharpness images. The images have more colors and depth sense. For example, the 4k camera can captures nice images just like you are using professional DSLR camera. When you view videos taken by the small camera, you will feel so cinematic and 3 dimensions-like.

All in all, the 4k camera is not so expensive. There are a lot of them which cost no more than $100. You can find them on electronic device stores or on the internet. But in case you do not have much time, and you want to read details before ordering, you should check in Amazon website. That’s why in this article, you will get to know the top 10 best action 4k cameras chosen from Amazon.

1. ICONNTECHS IT 4K Action Camera for Sports Photography

The ICONNTECHS IT 4K Action Camera is specially designed for hunting sport photography. Equipped with one of the world's most powerful chipsets from Novatek NT96660 and SONY cmos sensor, this camera can capture high resulution videos and photos. Along with the high capacity built-in CUPs, you will be able to capture high quality of videos and photos with less noise and two-time less sensitive to the bright light. Also, it has wide angle lens which allows you to select from 70 to 170 degree wide angle. So you can either capture a larger range background or a narrower one. Amazingly, this 4k action camera came with waterproof cases which allow you to take shoot up to 30 meters under water.

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2. EKEN H9 4K Action Camera

The EKEN H9 4K Action Camera is a Full HD Action Camera built-in with WiFi and HDMI output, allowing you to preview the videos or see them in the real-time display mood. You can also edit and share your joyful moment just right after the recording with the EZ iCam App. It also comes along with other 19 kits, particularly a spare battery. So you will not worry about running out of the battery while you are shooting. The EKEN H9 4K Camera also provides you with many features such as video mode, photo mode, burst photo, time lapse for footage loop recording and long journey. Wichever function you are enjoying, one absolutely sure thing is that you will get your photos from the camera just right after the shooting via its wifi technology. And then, they will be ready to share with your family, friends or fans on your social media channels. Oh!!! Don't worry about rain or water issue, it's also waterproof. 

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3. AKASO EK7000 4K WIFI Sports Action Camera Ultra HD

Unlike other Camera, the AKASO EK7000 4K is built with ultra-high definition technology which allows you to capture up to 30 frames per second. Doesn't it sound super hight? Yes, most Camera can normally capture 24 frames per second only.  All taken photos and videos are in extremely high resolution and quality due to its capacity of 12MP and 170 degree angle lens. It is also built as waterproof and attached with a wireless wrist remote control. With this remote, you also can shoot photos from distance. Its battery life last very long, up to 90 minutes of operation.


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4. Campark ACT74 Action Cam 16MP 4K WiFi Waterproof Sports Camera

The Campark ACT74 Action Camera has upto 16 megapixels in capacity. It has a large and fast speed sensor to capture the video upto 30 frames per second. In addition, this camera accepts additional micro SD card of upto 64 GB. This one is wonderful for its ability to capture and store a lot of hight quality photos and videos on your Camera or just send them directly to your smartphone within 10 metter distance. Then, of course sharing them online to make your friends jealouse 🙂 

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5. Sports Camera, SOOCOO C30 4K Action Camera

The SOOCOO C30 4K Action Camera or Sport Camera is an extremely great 4k cmera which can provide up to 20 megapizels to capture the image. It comes with black color and extra accessories to use with camera as well. The camera's external micro SD card slot can support the SD card from 8 GB to 128 GB, allowing you to capture thousands of photos and videos with good quality. You can also choose different options to capture your photos or videos such as 4k resolution with the speed of 24 frames per second, or 2k with 30 frames per second or 1080p at 60 frames per second. If you buy this SOOCOO C30 Camera, you will be able to explore your favourite functions to capture every great moment of your life meaningful. 

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6. APEMAN 4K Action Camera 20MP Waterproof Cam Ultra

The APEMAN 4K Action Camera is a Waterproof Ultra Cam which comes with a good package which include the body of the main camera, two batteries, protective case and many other stuff. The specilities of this 4k Camera is that it is considered as a professional one which can capture the video up to 30 frame per second, meaning that the video you take will be sharp and beautiful. With its 20 megapixels capacity, you will feel incredible with the photos and videos you take, even though you are not a professional photographer. You can easily edit and share the video or photo. More significantly, you can download its free app on your smart phone to connect and take full control of your Camera from your phone. If you buyt it, you will also get a waterproof case which make you feel convenient using it anywhere without worry. 

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7. Dragon Touch Vision 3 4K Sports Action Camera Ultra HD Waterproof

Dragon Touch Vision 3 is a 4K Sports Action Camera Ultra HD and Waterproof. It comes with a 19 mounting kit. You will also get a durable case to store these value stuffs. What makes it awesome is that it provides you a wireless remote control which you can wear on hand. This remote allows you to command the camera either to take a picture or a video. On the front face of camera, it also displays the signles of wifi connection, battery level, and number of photos for your information. More interestingly, its waterproof function can allow you to capture the image from the depth of 100 feet under water. That's awesome. 

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8. YI 4K Action Camera (US Edition) Night Black

YI 4K Action Camera is a US Edition designed in a fancy night black. The camera has 12 megapixels, and you are able to choose different speeds for photo and video option, such as 4k in 30fps, 1080p in 120fps, and 720p in 240fps. This action camera's special features are its wide angle of 155 degree and aperture of 2.8. It is a built-in LCD touchscreen where you can view all images. This screen is made from retina and anti-scratche glass. It looks simple, smooth but very nice. I think it just goes simply awesome with all ladies and gentlemen. You can see by its look. 

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9. 4K UltraHD Sport Action Camera F60R WIFI Waterproof Video Camera

The 4K UltraHD Sport Action Camera F60R WIFI and Waterproof Video Camera is also an ultra high definition sport action 4k camera. Uniquely, this camera has wonderful lens which is composed from 6 layers glasses. It has 170 degree angle. The camera contains various recording modes. Plus, there is internal microphone installed in camera, allowing it to absorb a good sound for your video. Even you with waterproof case and under water, you still can access all the buttons of camera as normal. Besides these features, it just has the same functions as other 4k Cameras do. 

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10. Vemico 4k Action Camera Wi-Fi Waterproof 16MP 1080p Full HD

The last one is the Vemico 4k Action Camera with Wi-Fi Waterproof, 16megapixels and Full HD. This tiny camera has black color with 2 rechargeable batteries, which you can use the camera longer than other normal camera. For other details, it has 16 megapixels ability to capture all moments clearly and sharply. You are able to pack this action camera around with less effort since it has lightweight of only 2.1 ounces. You can check the photos right away on its 2 inch of LCD screen after capturing the image. This one looks just so cute to me. So, it is the right one for you if you are a kind of person who enjoys the cutie stuff. 

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For now, you don’t really need a very expensive Camera to capture the moment of your happiness. One of the above action 4K cameras will do the best job for you. It is simple to operate, and even your kid can do. So what are you waiting for?