Top 10 Best Fast Charging Docks for iPhone & Apple Watch

Normally, people charge their phone’s battery via USB cable and it is very annoying when the cable is tangle and you would have to spend a few minutes to release it. Sometimes, the cable gets torn and broken easily which becomes the main problem. In order to solve this problem, a fast-charging dock is invented. A charging dock is a kind of charger that is solid and shapes like a phone stand. Charging your smartphone such as the iPhone with this dock gives you a lot of benefits.

For instance, different from being able to charge only one device, the charging dock allows more than two devices to fill their batteries at once. You can save a lot of time and money to buy one charger and use with many devices. More than that, some charging docks are designed to help phone stand so you are able to view or use your phone conveniently.

It also provides you faster charging than a simple cable charger. It is portable as well and you can take it with you when you are going somewhere, that way you will always be able to charge your phone.

10 Best Fast Charging Docks for iPhone & Apple Watch

You may want to know more details about this product. In this article, you will be introduced to the top 10 best fast charging docks which are suitable to use with iPhone and Apple watch. They are high ranking products in Amazon. You can pick one of them to be yours.

1. Bestand 2 in 1 Phone Desktop Tablet Stand & Apple Watch Charging Stand

This is an iPhone 7 Plus desktop charging dock station which has space grey color. You may have difficulty to place your devices messily on the table and this product can help you. It is constructed with two handle areas which one for iPhone and another for the watch; so with it, you can organize your space neatly. Moreover, this stand charging station is made out of aluminum and anti-slip rubber mats which give durability and safety to your precious devices.

2. Oittm Charging Stand for Apple Watch Rechargeable Stand

This is a sturdy charging dock which is suitable for iPhones, iPads, apple pencil, and apple watch. Wonderfully, it is constructed with other three additional ports where you are able to charge 3 more devices. Buying this one stand charger, you can use it with so many device models, isn’t it beneficial? This product is made from high quality refined crafted aluminum, silicone, and ABS plastic, which these materials provide durability and lightweight.

3. Oittm Charging Stand for Apple Watch Series 4

This is a compact lovely fast charging dock for Apple devices. This charging station has rose gold color which is suitable for the lady and it contains a place for all apple watch models and three ports for USB cables. You can charge your apple watch by placing it on top of it so that you can secure your watch from dropping too. Thus, you can use this one station for all your family members’ phones. In addition, this product comes along with an oittm stand that allows your phone to stand up while charging.

4. YoFeW Charging Stand for Apple Watch Charger Stand

This is a multi-usage charger for apple products which has a grey color. It allows you to charge iPhone, iWatch, and other accessories at once. For the phone, the charging stand is made with 45 degrees standing so that you can watch videos from your phone while charging. Moreover, if you don’t need to charge it, you can detach the stand and change its position to hold your phone. It is made from a premium aluminum alloy which is durable and yet light. You can pack it to travel with you too.

5. ZIKU Aluminum Apple watch iPhone Charging stand Dock Station

This is a nightstand mode charging dock for iPhone and Apple watch. It is produced from high-grade aluminum and PU stand so you can ensure that it can support your devices securely and save your watch from scratch marks. Do you worry that it is not compatible with your phone? This charger is usable with iPhone models from 5 to 7 Plus, apple watch series 1 and 2, and as well as iPad mini. In addition, you are able to charge your phone even in a protection case and you don’t have to take it off.

6. BENTOBEN Apple Watch Stand

This is a detachable construction fast charging dock for iPhone and apple watch. If you are a lady, then this product fits perfectly for you as it has risen gold color. It is compatible with all Apple watch series and iPhone 6. However, besides these Apple devices, you can charge your other brand tablets and e-books. Hence, wherever you go, you just need this one. Furthermore, it charges your devices with the magnetic charging cable which has long length and it is removable too.

7. Apple Charging Dock Apple iPhone Watch Stand 4 Port USB

This is a 4 in 1 charging dock for Apple watch and iPhone. Although it is basically made for Apple, since it has extra 3 USB ports with 6 A current, you are able to charge other smartphone brands with it too. Lovely, it has tiny dimensions which are 2.8 inches by 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches so that you can easily store it in a small bag. It has a top roof where to rest watch; but when you want to charge phone, you can use an additional stand to support.

8. Mercase Apple Watch Stand, Mercase Aluminum NightStand

This is a slim fast charging dock which is created for Apple. It possesses the ability to charge two devices at a time; for instance, it is compatible with Apple watches from series 1 and 2, iPhones from 5 to 7, and also other most smartphones. It is designed with a top dock in order to place a watch, while a low stand for iPhone. For more information, this product is produced from aircraft-grade aluminum which is strong and prevents devices from scratching.

9. kinnara for Apple Watch Stand and iPhone Stand

Do you wish to have a small and yet dual-functional charger? This is a perfect charging station for you. It has gray color and tiny size which is 5 by 3 by 1.7 inches. It can work as a battery filler and a phone holder. With this item, you can charge your watch and smartphone at the same time. Amazingly, it works well with other phones besides iPhones, such as the galaxy tab, google nexus, surface, etc. Due to the almost-straight stand, you can use a phone to watch the movie, video calls, even read the e-book.

10. BEACOO Apple Watch Stand, BEACOO Charging stand Dock

This is the last recommended charging dock that allows a protective case. This product has a black color and two docks to charge the watch and phone. You can use your original USB cable to attach to this station so that you can comfortably place your phone on the stand. What’s more, the phone which is charging on the dock is standing straight so it gives benefit to you when you want to play your phone. For the watch dock, it will secure your watch steadily.

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