Top 10 Best Window Curtain Rod in 2019 Reviews

In your home, are there any windows? Does it always annoy you when sun shining too much? Of course, if you have a window in your room without any protection, the window will allow majority of sunlight goes through and makes the room full of heat. This condition can make you suffer from health problem because of too much light and hotness. More than that, the sunlight has ultra-violet which is bad for your skin. So in order to avoid these issues, you should use a blackout curtain that can block sunlight. However, along with the curtain, you need another complement item to use with the curtain. That is none other than window curtain rod. Originally, there is no rod installed on your window so you have to implant it near the window to hang curtain up straight. Although it is simply used for support curtain, it is designed with several of styles with different colors which you can choose what fits best in your home.

In case you want to buy this product, you can check out more details in the text below. It is confidently going to introduce you the top 10 best window curtain rods. These are products from Amazon and are selected based on their high ranking of quality. Therefore, you can trust them and decide to choose one product among the 10 to serve you.

Below is list of top 10 best window curtain rod in 2019 reviews:

1. Kenney Beckett Window Curtain Rod

This is a royal window curtain rod that has modern stylish brackets. It is constructed from durable material which is dark brown metal and is coated by oil rubbed bronze and resin finial. This window curtain rod has adjustable horizontal size from 48 inches to 86 inches. What’s more, when purchasing this product, you will obtain a center bracket, 6 screws and wall anchors for mounting. You can decorate your house elegantly with nice rod and pretty curtain.

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2. Decopolitan 1-Inch Urn Single Window Treatment Rod Set

This is a window curtain rod having black color. If you want to find curtain rod that fits with your large window, you can consider this product. To be specific, it has diameter of 1 inch and very long length which is adjustable from 72 inches to 144 inches. In order to ensure quality of it, robust steel is used to create it. To add, the rod is finished from traditional antique bronze. Thus, it has no problem in handling heavy and big curtain.

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3. Rod Desyne Lockseam 2-Inch Clearance Window Curtain Rod Set

This is a clearance window curtain rod that constructed from steel material. It is attached with bracket each side in order to keep distance 2 inches from wall. The height of this rod is 0.75 inch and can be extended length from 28 inches to 48 inches. As a result, this product is perfect for user who loves simple design and non-complex style. Despite steel construction, it has lightweight of 8.8 ounces so it will be easy to take care of.  

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4. Eclipse Room Darkening Window Curtain Wrap Rod

This is a window curtain rod with black color. It has unique style that its tips are curved to inside at the end; thus, when mounted, it keeps distance from wall quite a lot. In addition, the brackets which connect the rod to wall are made from durable plastic. And you can attach rob to bracket in seconds because there is a click loop where allows it to get in easily. On the other hand, the rod is metal construction for sturdiness and long duration usage.  

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5. Graber 5/16-Inch Swivel End Sash Curtain Rods

This is a compact and lightweight white window curtain rod. The material of this rod is metal to offer you durability. You are able to use it in two different lengths which are 21 inches and 38 inches. Furthermore, as mentioned, it is a bit thin because of 4 inches diameter so it weighs light too which is 10 ounces. This product doesn’t have complicated design so it will look neat and nice in your room. It has mounting hardware and instruction for you.

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6. Kenney Chelsea Ball Window Curtain Rod

This is a simple yet classic window curtain rod which is best to mount in bedroom. It is made out of metal and resin finials. It has black color and diameter of 5/8 inch. To add, it allows you to adjust its length from 48 inches long to only 28 inches if your window is small. This rod has lightweight too so you can install it easily by yourself without trouble. You will receive instruction to mount it and several other tools to support the rob steadily.

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7. Decopolitan 7/8-Inch Square Window Treatment Rod Set

This is a square head style window curtain rod which provides you length from 18 to 36 inches to use as prefer. It is produced from robust steel construction and is finished by nickel for non-rusting. It has thick diameter which is 7/8 inch. So you can ensure that it is strong enough to endure heavy fabric of curtain. You can use it to mount on any window in your home. Plus, you don’t need to buy extra tools because all necessary tools are given.

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8. Achim Home Furnishings Buono II Jordan Curtain Rod with Finials

This is a window curtain rod that has diamond shape design at the end of tube. It has black color because of vinyl finial; actually the main material of this product is metal. The total dimensions of it are 33.2 inches by 5.8 inches by 8 inches; since it is quite big, it is more suitable to use in living room or bedroom. When buying this product, it comes in package which included all mount tools so you just need to follow instruction and install it on.  

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9. Umbra Twilight Room-Darkening Curtain Rod for Window

Are you looking for durable window curtain rod to use in bathroom? This is a rod which is made from high quality metal with matte nickel finish. This rod guarantees to you that it won’t get rusted or broken easily. Moreover, it has diameter measured 0.75 inches and can be adjusted length from 28 inches to 48 inches because it has two separated tubes that are attachable. When you install it, the rod will be far from wall in 3 inches.  

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10. Kenney Glendale Window Curtain Rod

This is the last recommended window curtain rod which is made from metal material and is coated with cacao finish so it looks like a wooden rod. This rod is designed with simple style at the tips with round shape. For more information, the diameter of it is 5/8 inch along with adjustable length from 48 inches to 86 inches. So you can use it for long and short distance and for several locations such as in bedroom, bathroom, or living room.  

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