Top 10 Best Travel Power Adapters Review

As you travel, you need to charge your device like smartphones, tablets, or cameras a lot. That is when you have to have the best travel power adapters. We talk about those who spend their vacation and holidays abroad where the outlets are unpredictable. You never know if power sockets in other parts of the continent have the right charging ports for your device. But with travel power adapters, charging won’t be a problem to concern at all. In the review below will list down 10 best quality travel adapter choices that you can take into consideration. Check them out!

1. BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter 220V

By universal, this adapter comes with the design that supports outlets in more than 150 countries worldwide. You can charge 7 devices at the same time easily and safely with its all-in-one solution function. This function simply converts all countries’ voltage to US voltage which charges the devices safely. It is also compact which you can slide in the backpack as you travel with ease. It will not go over-current, overload, overheat at all which is exactly one of the great choices to choose.

2. POWERADD Travel Adapter Kit – Dual USB Ports

The whole kit comes with everything useful and helpful for you when it comes to charging. It has the built-in protection AC outlets along with USB ports with an embedded micro USB cable for fast charge. The best part is the dual voltage input function that allows you to use anywhere in the world safely. There are 5 international adapters including UK, US, AU, EU, and JP which is great for travelers. Everything comes in a travel pouch for easy storage and portability.

3. European Travel Plug Adapter (Type C) by Ceptics

If you travel up North a lot and there is not many devices to charge, this set of travel is perfect. The set includes 3 packs of standard type C adapters which is ideal for most of Europe and even in Asia. Each adapter features a new conductivity design of internal metal interfaces that provides better conductivity while charging. It is easy to use, and the pack is easy to bring along with as you travel which is definitely convenient. Grounded and universal, this set is simply great to have.

4. Universal USB Travel Power Adapter-EPICKA All in One Wall Charger AC

Comes with worldwide charging feature, this adapter allows you to charge in more than 160 countries. It also has the universal 8 Pin AC Socket that enables for the use of many different plug designs. You can charge 5 devices simultaneously and conveniently no matter if you use iOS or Android devices. The unique part is the safe shutter inside the socket that is a dustproof, anti-single plugin, and anti-electric shock for extra safety. It works great and safe, and you can use it worldwide.

5. Ceptics Travel Adapter Plug World Power

Here we have the one adapter can you can convert to charge in different parts of the world within seconds. You can change it to either a 2-prong or 3-prong very easily. This adapter allows you to charge in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and UK conveniently. The size of the adapter is compact, and it is very lightweight which is absolutely easy to bring along with. It is safe to use, and you can charge any devices with it from smartphones to laptops and cameras and more.

6. Travel Adapter Uppel Dual USB All-in-one Worldwide

This adapter comes with worldwide design that allows you to charge your devices in more than 150 countries. It features the unique and sleek design which is solid and sturdy which is super cool for travelers. The adapter delivers fast, safe, and efficient charging for up to 3 devices at the same time for you. Its AC plug allows you to charge all USB devices like smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, cameras, and more. There are also color choices available for you including white, green, and blue.

7. World Travel Adapter Kit by Ceptics – QC 3.0

Forget about the difficulties in charging as you travel abroad because this adapter kit will change everything. The set includes with 5 types of international adapters that you can use literally anywhere in the world. With 2 outlets, 2 USB, and a micro USB cable, you will be able to charge 5 devices all at once. The best part is it comes with built-in surge protection that protects your devices from harmful voltage surges and spikes. Convenient and safe, I believe this is what you seek.

8. Travel Adapter, OREI Worldwide All in One

This is the pocket-sized power adapter that brings you the ability to charge in more than 150 countries worldwide. You can select the appropriate plug for instant charge with a simple press on a  button. The adapter has just the right prongs for different parts of the world like Australia, UK, the EU, the US, and more. And it also has 2 USB ports for extra device charging as well which is absolutely convenient. This adapter is compact and lightweight, and it is great for all travelers out there.

9. BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter 100-220V

I call it a hardcore adapter since it can charge up to 7 devices at the same time for you. That includes 4 USB charging ports along with 3 6A output AC ports for different devices. It is safe to use as it features over-current, overload, overheat, and short-circuit protection. The adapter is compact, and it also comes with a 5-foot detachable power cable as well. Everything comes in a carry bag for easy storage as you travel. And you can use it to charge your devices in more than 150 countries.

10. TESSAN 3 Outlets Surge Protector Travel Power Strip

With intelligent charging technology, this adapter can detect and deliver ideal current for your devices with perfection. On top of that, it also has the protection against lightning along with surge protection for safe charge as well. This thing is made of fireproof material which makes it super tough and durable to use. There are 4 USB ports and 3 outlet that allows you to charge 7 devices simultaneously. The set has 4 adapters including Type E/F, type L, Type C, and Type G which you can charge anywhere in the world.

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