Top 10 Best Sit Up Benches Reviews

Nowadays health and fit body are what everyone cares about. In order to achieve these things, you have to work out and the simple way to do is sit up. This exercise activity is basic and easy to do at home anytime because individuals are busy with work tasks. There is a highly recommended product to use when you want to do sit up, it is sit up bench. This equipment can help you strengthen your core of your lower back, abs, and hip. It is more comfortable to lay on a machine than doing on the hard floor since it maintains your body in nice condition.

Buying guideline:

If you want to purchase a sit up bench, there are several points of it for you to consider. First of all, you need to look at its bed whether the shape of it is straight or curve. Second, some benches have many functions that allow you to do other exercises such as push up. Third, the bench can transform to different figure.

In this article, there are top 10 best sit up benches which are popular and used by majority. They are chosen from Amazon.

1. XMark 12 Position Adjustable Ab Bench XM-7608 (Gray or White)

This is an adjustable sit up bench. It has gray color and white colors available for you to choose. There is bullhorn handlebar attached for you can grab it during exercising. Moreover, the bench has two pair of handlebars which have protection pads covering on. For example, when you link your feet with them, you won’t get hurt. It is made from strong steel construction along with scratch resistant coat.  

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2. Soozier Deluxe Portable Ab Decline Sit Up Bench - Black

This is a flat-bed sit up bench. It has black color. There are two rows of padded handle bars. Since it has long bed that is 52 inches, men and women with short or tall height are able to use this product. To be specific, the whole dimensions of it are 52 inch by 13.2 inch by 24 inch. Its weight is 22lbs so that you can easily move it around. You can fold it for small space storage.  

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3. Goplus Adjustable Foldable Sit Up AB Incline Abs Bench Flat Fly Weight Press Gym

This is an adjustable and foldable sit up bench. Amazingly, you can turn it into a chair and practice other gym tool on it. If you let it stay low and flat, it is like a bed where you do sit up comfortably. Additionally, it has weight of 29 lbs but it can take maximum heaviness of user which is up to 440 lbs. Talking about the pad size, it is thick which is 1.6 inches and the bed is 29 inch by 15 inch.

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4. Soozier Adjustable Folding Ab Decline Sit Up Bench w/ Resistance Bands

This is a multi-usage sit up bench. Having blue and black color, this bench is produced in a medium size of which dimensions are 49 inches length, 14 inches width, and 26 inches height. It is made out of solid steel frame that can endure weight of 220 lbs. It has soft bed which is padded with foam to provide comfy condition for your back. On the supporting legs, there are two loops for you can connect to external tools.  

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5. fitbill Sit Up Decline Bench with Face Recognition Technology

This is an advanced technology sit up bench. Wonderfully, right now there is a calculating machine tracking your workout movement and telling you how many calories you have burned from your body. You can use the app on your smartphone and it will synchronize with face recognition of the bench. In addition, this bench is made from heavy duty steel frame and rubber frame caps. Also, it has soft foam roller protecting your lower legs.

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6. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-BH6505 2-In-1 Flat/Sit-Up Bench

This is a black multifunctional sit up bench. It is perfect for who wants to work out on abdominal, oblique, and hamstring muscle. It is also ideal gym equipment that can be used anywhere. For example, you can assemble it at home, in office, and outdoor area. Due to the adjustable bed angle, you are able to exercise in many positions. After used, it is foldable for storage. It can support weight of 250 lbs.  

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7. Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Abdominal/Hyper Back Extension Bench

This is a light commercial sit up bench. This bench is made out of durable steel frame that can endure large capacity of 650 lbs. You will experience joyful exercise with this bench because it is built-in with wide bench that is stuffed of thick density foam. Besides the bed, there are a lot of soft cushion leg supports. All of the bench are double stitched and have sweat and moisture resistant.

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8. GYM QUALITY Premium Adjustable Curved Sit Up Bench Crunch Board Ab Bench Slant Board

This is a curved adjustable sit up bench. This lovely bench has bright red color. It is produced from high strength steel construction so it guarantees quality for you. What’s more, it has blackboard that curves in order to protect your back bone and reduce strain of your back muscles. Other than the two pair roller bars, there is a middle bullhorn installed for you can grab and stable yourself during siting up.

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9. FEIERDUN Workout Abdominal Adjustable Sit Up Bench- Abs Workout

This is an indoor gym equipment sit up bench. Even though it is named sit up bench, you are able to do various activities on it, such as abs training, push up, stretching, and more. It can endure weight up to 100 kg. To add, the bench is made with steel frame, but covered by leather material and stuffed with foam pads. Beneficially, it comes with an elastic power rope for arm muscle exercise.

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10. Confidence Fitness Pro Adjustable Sit Up Ab Bench

This is the last recommended pro adjustable sit up bend. If you have to work out on your upper part, this product is perfect for you. You control on the bench height level so that you can create great comfortable private gym at home. For more information, this sit up bench has medium dimensions which are 52, 12, and 27 inches. Due to the sturdy material, it can handle weight up to 220 lbs.

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