Top 10 Best Salt Spreaders Review

When it comes to winter, you might experience the snow that traps vehicles. And that is when salt spreaders come into work to help ease the thing. Such construction is to make it easy for you to spread salt or salt and sand mix. That makes the ice melt faster from your vehicles during winter months. Apart from that, some salt spreaders even allow you to spread, feed, and prevent weeds in your lawn as well. One of the tools is enough for you to use all seasons with different needs which is super awesome.

10 Best Salt Spreaders Review

If you are looking for the best salt spreader choices, 10 of them are below for you.

1. SaltDogg SHPE2000 Electric Poly Hopper Spreader

It comes with a rugged system, this salt spreader is built to spread salt or a salt and sand mix effectively. You can mount it on pickup, dump, and platform trucks to spread the salt to melt the ice easily. It is ideal for municipalities, shopping malls, industries, hospitals, and more. The unique part is this spreader features a tarp that prevents moisture seeping. The item is super durable and easy to use, and its quality lasts for years of use for you.

2. SaltDogg TGS05B 10.79 Cubic Feet Tailgate Salt Spreader

If you are looking for the perfect salt spreader to mount on your vehicle bumper, this is just the one. You can either mount it directly to the bumper or use the receiver hitch any way you prefer. This spreader is powered by a 12V motor that has a variable speed controller that allows you to operate comfortably. It is made from a sturdy steel frame along with powder-coated to protect against corrosion, rust, dent, and stain. Durable and easy, isn’t it a good choice to choose from?

3. SaltDogg TGS03 8 Cubic Foot Tailgate Salt Spreader

Here we have another tailgate salt spreader that comes with smaller capacity for less snowy areas. It can hold up to 8 cubic feet of materials, and it works super great just the way you want it to be. This spreader works fast, and you can operate easily from the inside your vehicle with its in-cab variable speed controller. The awesome thing about it is the stainless steel trough that breaks up clumpy material for a smooth and even spread. It works great, and this one is totally recommended.

4. SaltDogg WB101G Professional 100 lb Capacity Walk Behind Broadcast Salt Spreader

Well in case you want the spreader that you can walk around with, you might want to see this. This brand new design salt spreader has an enclosed gearbox to protect the gears from weather, rust, and cold. Also, it is made from a durable poly hopper that will never rust or dent at all. It can hold up to 100 lb of ice melt or bagged salt which covers a lot of ground in a short amount of time. This spreader is easy to use and walk with, and its tires are tough enough to keep you steady on icy surfaces.

5. SaltDogg TGSUVPROA 4.4 Cubic Foot Tailgate Salt Spreader

From SUV to tractor and utility vehicles, this salt spreader is great for all since it fits with most vehicles perfectly. The spreader features an attractive and rugged polymer black hopper and an orange powder-coated steel mounting frame. Another cool feature is the fold-away function that can simply release hitch pin and spreader for easy access to rear door or tailgate. It does not rust, dent, or stain, and it comes with long-life quality which you surely can trust.

6. Earthway C24HD Professional 100-Pound Broadcast Spreader

Now we have the item that you can with different purposes in different seasons all year long. In winter, you can use it as a salt spreader to melt ice in your area with ease and comfort. When summer comes, this walk-behind spreader works as grass seeds, fertilizer, and insecticide distributor with great quality for you. Its capacity can hold up to 100 pounds of material, and it can spread any material evenly. This spreader is rustproof, and its quality lasts for years of use.

7. SaltDogg TGSUV1B 4.4 Cubic Foot Tailgate Salt Spreader

This is the salt spreader that comes with both good price and quality. There are times when snowstorms come, and that is why you have to get the snow away from your property. This salt spreader is the best choice to keep in the house in case that occurs. It is easy to install, and it works just as great as the bigger ones. It can hold to up to 331 lbs of materials, and it does not rust no matter how often you use it.

8. Earthway 2150 Commercial 50-Pound Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader

Compact and lightweight, this spreader is very convenient to use and store after use. The coolest part is it designed to fit lawn tractors, distribute grass seeds, fertilizer, and salt evenly, and more. Its capacity can hold up to 50 pounds of materials, and it is ideal for any season throughout the year. This spreader is not only a heavy-duty item but also durable for long term use as well. The price is affordable, and the quality is just great.

9. Top Rated Professional Commercial Rated Walk Behind Stainless Steel Rock Salt Spreader

With the baffle system, this salt spreader is made to deliver precise control of the spread pattern. That means it can distribute the salt evenly in 360 arcs with perfection for you. Also, the whole thing is made from heavy-duty stainless steel frame that can handle rough terrain easily. While its enclosed acetal gears are protected from debris and elements withs its special design. It is ideal to have at home, office, and pretty much anywhere.

10. Earthway 2600APlus 40lb. Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader

Comes with rustproof poly construction, this high capacity salt spreader is one of the durable choices to choose from. Its specialties are the even spread and its tough wheels that can go with you on any surfaces. On top of that, its solid construction of steel T bar handles to bring ease and comfort as you spread the salt. But it can also work after winter as well. You can use it as garden seeder and more when summer and spring come which is absolutely convenient.

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